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Society makes it difficult for us to live nude 24/7. We're too much of a minority to be completely economically and socially self-sustaining within our own "kind". Plus, most of us don't live in climates our bodies were designed for, so we have to clothe ourselves to keep warm for at least part of the year, even if that's only necessary for a few days or weeks, as it is here in Central Florida.
What you'll find is that most people who consider themselves to be nudists do so only at home, at clothing optional beaches, and at nudist clubs and resorts and we don't completely "live" that way all the time. To us, it's a welcome break from the weird compulsion people have developed to hide themselves from each other. Plus, it's a lot more comfortable and accepting to be naked together than it is to stay clothed.
That said, I've met a lot of people who live in nudist communities, usually on-site at nudist campgrounds, clubs, and resorts. And I've met many who have raised their kids that way, either at home or within such communities.
But as I've said before, it's difficult for them to live dual lives. One on the "inside" and another on the "outside" as needed to satisfy their household and larger social needs. It just isn't practical for me with my job, the non-nudists in my family, and the larger social needs of my wife and I to completely live nude all the time.
Still, I envy those who can be nude more often.